Building Signage

Are you getting the most out of your foot traffic? Or cars travelling by your business? Whether you need a subtle business sign or graphics to make sure your building is seen, ProSigns can help. One thing to think about with building signage is whether you want to appeal to people walking by or traffic, as that may influence your signage in terms of size, lighting, and the direction it should be placed on your building.

Fascia Signage

Choosing the right design and material that will last and give you the best impact takes some knowledge and experience. The team at ProSigns have been in the industry since 1991 and know-how to ensure your business signage makes the impression you want it to.

3D lettering

3D lettering is a great upmarket way to increase brand awareness and is ideal for property estates or business names. It’s great for names, word-based logos, tag lines or addresses, but not so ideal for detailed or temporary information. It may take a little more investment, but it’s a good long-term option that is hardwearing and looks great. It has a high-end feel and can really bring a level of sophistication.

3D Router cut text and logos

There’s a whole lot of options when it comes to router cut signs. Produced with a CNC router, we can work with a wide range of materials including plastic or PVC, brass, stainless steel, wood, steel, aluminium, formica, polystyrene, the list goes on.

3D Router signs bring that extra dimension to any design and can be really stunning. They’re also a good investment as they can be very long-lasting. 3D signs can be illuminated or not, neon, engraved, or have specialist coatings to enhance or protect your 3D signage. People are now doing some cool stuff 3D Signage including backlighting, layering or translucent acrylic, bevelling, sign mounting (set off walls) and more.


ProSigns have lightboxes which are great for night-time visibility, as they are lit by LEDs making them cheap to run and environmentally friendly. They’re also ideal for those who want to change their imagery as it’s pretty easy to switch images out. Prosigns lightboxes are made to withstand Dunedin conditions – they also distribute light evenly, giving an all-over glow.

Window graphics

Why not make the most of that large blank space your windows supply? Window graphics can make a blank space. Window signs can be eye-catching and bring in business, from pedestrians and passing vehicles. Window graphics can really transform your business front. They’re a great place to promote regular specials, include contact information and more. It’s a great place to generate enquiries, impulse purchases or send out sale information. You can still achieve indoor lighting while promoting a message through window graphics. When it comes to window graphics, we like to help ensure they’re tamper-proof by placing the majority of the design on the internal glass (which can sometimes involve flipping the design).

Window Frosting

Window Frosting is a great cost-effective way to increase privacy without compromising on light. It can be used to make a space more private, such as meeting rooms or waiting rooms and is ideal in for services or medical environments. Any glass spaces where there’s one on one client meetings can benefit from window frosting. It can also be a subtle and sophisticated way to reinforce your brand by incorporating a logo motif or wording as a cutout design.

ProSigns can help with a wide range of building signage to help your business stand out from the crowd and increase your exposure. Talk to the knowledgeable team at ProSigns today about what might work for you and your business. Drop-in and see us at 4 Strathallan Street, Dunedin or call 03 455 6613.

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