The CLAAS Harvest Centre is a well-recognised building, sitting at the Airport Turnoff in Allanton. Anyone who has been to Dunedin Airport will probably recognise the building. ProSigns have been working with CLAAS for well over ten years and were contacted by them recently to install fascia panels and new signage.
As they’re in such a highly visible spot, it’s important their exterior branding is fresh, clean and easily recognisable as a lot of their new business probably comes from passing traffic on the way to and from Dunedin airport.
ProSigns installed some white ACM panels which will last for years outside in Dunedin’s weather conditions and harsh sun. On top of that is Vinyl to create the red and green colouring. It has a high gloss finish that really adds to the design. ProSigns used a scissor lift to complete the installation and are really happy with the finished look. It ties in well with the rest of the building
It’s in a great position as it’s up high enough that the logo is easily seen above any machinery parked outside and it’s large enough to be easily read by any vehicles passing by. The panels should last incredibly well too.
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