Hynds is a well-known brand, specialising in pipe systems including drainage, water mains, stormwater and wastewater pipes. ProSigns installed a 3D sign for them at their Teviot Street premises in South Dunedin.
The building is in an area with a high rate of vehicle traffic, so the logo needed to be large and instantly recognisable. Hynds is a long-standing brand in New Zealand, founded in 1973, with over 600 employees across New Zealand.
The design was installed on June 5th, 2019 and required a small team and the use of scissor lift to get the wording in place. The building itself has a corrugated iron exterior so the wording had to be set onto solid alloy bars before being fixed to the wall. This ensured the wording was flush with the exterior. Prefixing it also meant that the installation itself was quicker and it has a far better finish.
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